Going through Mandy’s program is life changing -on so many levels. I don’t say that lightly or gratuitously either. It absolutely without a doubt has shifted ... everything. And people have commented on this shift as it has apparently been evident. My favorite was in one day 2 people I hadn't seen in a while said that I looked amazing and that something was very different with me. This in the first minute of seeing them.

Throughout the program from the first lesson I had “Aha” moments and things just clicked. It is not “woo woo” as Mandy says. I love the science behind the thinking and having actionable things to practice and explore. Every lesson was powerful and felt the shifts immediately! Mandy’s approach to sharing and teaching is so “spot on” and completely different. I can’t wait explain it. She has a unique ability to explain everything in such a profound and clear way that you walk away with a greater understanding, connection, and steps to take and explore. I have a pretty journal that I have almost filled with notes and sometimes rewatched a lesson because I needed to hear it explained again so it sunk in deeper, or it was so profound I wanted it to hit my heart like that one more time, or it resonated so deeply I could feel my soul wake up! I am repeating the course again and probably another time! I am building this wonderful tool box to help me manifest all I desire!

Cyndy Barrett

Sadsburyville, PA

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