She's not overly fluffy and gives practical actions anyone can take.

She’s so well-spoken and clear. Her videos and lessons get to the point.

Maggie McCracken

Buffalo, NY

I like working with Mandy because she is relatable,genuine and trustworthy.

Unfortunately, those are traits aren’t easy to find. She also has a good time when doing her work. That shines through.

Gina Wheeling

Salem, VA

Mandy works for me because I feel connected to her.

I know that her beliefs/energy/parenting style/morals are all in alignment with mine. This makes it easy for me to rely on her and her advice.

Roxanne Street

Paxton, IL

Her kindness her non judgmental approach her way of being there for everyone and her constant support her live q&a's and her positive attitude

I feel more secure, more a certain about what to do, less scared and certainly more authentic

Gudrun Fritz

London, Ohio

Mandy has a GIFT of lifting others up and helping others feel loved!

From my very first encounter with her work through her Webinar, I felt this incredible hope and motivation from breaking through my “stuck-ness”. Mandy has helped me up-level my life and I have felt…truly vibration and frequency rise. She is LOVE. Abs she has helped me and others that we/they are love, too.

Liv Johnson

Santa Cruz, CA

Her honesty and transparency. But really, it was the FEELING i got when i listened to her. I just knew i could TRUST a time when I didn't trust anyone.

Miraculous results. There were a lot of layers that needed to be worked through, and it took me longer than 30 days to get through the program.

Dawn Macklin

Marana, AZ

I responded well to her straightforward, practical approach. I think the work where you identify your “why” to the core was not only unique, it’s also powerful.

Plus she just has a kind and helpful personality that comes across in the videos, just down to earth and honest.

Christina Russo


I feel as though there is no judgement and she’s not trying to change anyone.

She focuses on the individual finding answers within instead of becoming dependent on her and her teachings. She acts more as a Beautiful guild througiut this journey instead of attempting to become a guru.

Andrea Young

Oregon, Ohio

So, Mandy's language speaks directly to my soul. Her adorable being - her Presence - makes the biggest difference <3

For me its her Presence. I’ve been learning from a number of Law-of-Attraction masters, each one of them has their own way, which may or may not speak to your soul, specifically (its like languages and people: people understand more when you speak in the language they understand).

Annette Rise

Miami, FL

Mandy is so open (she loves me :) and speaks with honesty and care.

I felt that I did want to reflect her vibration level and her passion for manifesting and achieving our best possible life. Her unrehearsed style is refreshing and inviting.

Carol Sutherland

Scituate, MA

She made me feel like she cared and she made the time to take an interest in ME.

I liked the fact that Mandy actually responded to questions through the Facebook page and direct messages when necessary.

Tanya Rex

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

She is chill and real and excited about her journey.

She is cute and kind and caring. She creates a safe place to transcend parts of yourself and kick a little butt in the process.

Teresa Joy

Sedona, AZ

She is not afraid to broad a complete picture, to connect the dots between manifestation, quantum physics, entrepreneurship / business, health and emotional intelligence.

Yeah sure it might mean talking about woo-woo stuff sometimes but actually it lead me to greater awareness and acceptance of the parts of me that I find weird, inexplicable or not yet understood.

Kareen Pierre

Gatineau, Quebec

Mandy has created an incredibly insightful and substantial program through years and years of research, practice, application and development. This is not someone else's work.

As someone who has worked for 10+ years on my own manifestation/visualization techniques, I noticed right away and deeply appreciate that Mandy has done her own work. While I am sure she has had many teachers, this program is being offered from a place of true cellular understanding. This program comes from the very marrow of her being, it flows out of her, it is genuine and powerful, and every word rings true. Mandy Morris is radically authentic. Instead of trying to tease out small pieces of information for maximum profit, she has jam packed the series with more information than one could possible assimilate in 30 days which makes it wildly good and uniquely affordable. I am totally impressed with how genuinely she wants to teach us how to manifest the lives of our dreams. I absolutely adore how she tells me she loves me!

Julie DeVilbiss


Mandy is the only person I found that I totally got! Love her energy! Truly . . . no hype, no bs, just straight up, facts, and guidance.

Due to the reasonable prices for Mandy’s courses, webinars, and/or workshops, she and her associates are able to reach out to more people & make a huge impact in our society.

Bea McCarty

Chancellor, Alabama

Her energy. Her smile. Her authenticity. Her wackiness in a very good sense. Her spontaneity.

The fact that she said in a live Q&A, sometimes I burp, after she made the tinest of noises that nobody heard. But she did not cover up the truth. She went with it and I found it endearing as I always worry what other people think. Now I am beginning to ask myself why. Not that other people don’t matter, of course they do, but so do I. So her honesty helped me to reduce my stress levels.

Michelle Boronad

Paris, France

I love her personality and that she is straight forward with her teaching but she does it in a fun and kind way.

She is like my own personal coach and cheerleader at the same time.

Lynn Morales

Austin, TX

Mandy’s way of teaching doesn’t seem like teaching. She doesn’t “lecture” us and treat us like we are students that need to learn.

She gives us short reminders, simple truths, and her words just trigger the light bulbs in a gentle and effective way. She is right to the point!

Anchalee Grinins

Brooklyn, NY

Mandy is so positive, upbeat and real.

Her belief makes you believe.

Melissa Stevens

Wasilla, Alaska

Mandy's energy, authenticity and love, resonated with mine, from the get go.

I have been empowered! Through Mandy’s, instruction I was able to see that some deep hidden beliefs were keeping me from aligning with my hearts desires.

Sonya Walter

Canyon Texas

Mandy is authentic and works with an incredible amount of integrity.

Also, she’s goofy and silly, which is endearing. When you work with Mandy, you are working with a real, beautiful person, not a persona.

Tiffanie DeVarso

Pendleton, SC

Mandy has a way of stating the some of the same information I have been listening to for several years, but in a way that I could actually understand.

Who know’s why I couldn’t get it before, but so happy and grateful to get it now. I have been blown away at how simple she puts the information. It is perfect, it is measured out perfectly to not be overwhelming!

Sheri Gann

Springfield, MO

Her course, for me, just rang true. It was detailed enough that I could understand and identify with not only the ideas of vibration, but practical application.

Other courses were too vague or esoteric. I’m more of a visual person and learn better with concrete examples which are similar to my own experience. There were a lot of similarities. I’m an extrovert and while it took me a while to join the group conversation, it helped to read others experiences and identify with them.

Cynthia Spurr

Austin, TX

Her personality! It’s like a conversation with a friend as opposed student/teacher.

She never makes me feel like she’s above me/better than me/more advanced than me. She’s just sharing what she has experienced and in turn would welcome me to share mine (had it been live one on one)

Jazz Napravnik

Monkton, MD

She combines the Scientific and the energetic.

Mandys course was so different then other courses or books I’ve read. She really helped put pieces in the puzzle that I was missing. I was focusing on the ‘thing’ and what steps I had to take. Now I focus on how I’m feeling and do I feel good? I have to let go of HOW the thing comes and just enjoy the unfolding of it.

Rachael Weaver

Denver, CO

She is so real! Makes no excuse for who she is and just seems to be as authentic as can be at all times! Refreshing!

She’s a great teacher! Explains things in such a way that you go away thinking and examining and going deep to find the answers. I love her education and experiences and feel they play a significant role in her ability to get this information across clearly and concisely.

Linda Wilson

Blairsville, GA