I feel a greater sense of peace and contentment. I have tools to help me find my center when life gets busy, and I now seek out moments of gratitude. I’ve also become more comfortable with the phrase “I love you”.

One of my favorite teachings is that “alignment is when you feel happy”. So simple and so profound!! I now seek out ways to feel happy more often.

Patty A.


Mandy is authentic and works with an incredible amount of integrity.

Also, she’s goofy and silly, which is endearing. When you work with Mandy, you are working with a real, beautiful person, not a persona.

Tiffanie DeVarso

Pendleton, SC

I like working with Mandy because she is relatable,genuine and trustworthy.

Unfortunately, those are traits aren’t easy to find. She also has a good time when doing her work. That shines through.

Gina Wheeling

Salem, VA

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