I have been able to change my thought patterns and make better choices. I recently went out with someone who decided I was not the right fit. Instead of finding pain and feeling rejected and triggered I was able to let go gracefully and move on.

I also was able to realize how unhealthy this person is and how fortunate I was that he didn’t choose me. When my brain starts to go to old thought patterns of not being good enough a voice comes up and says “that isn’t true”. I no longer believe those negative thoughts or belief systems and I truly believe something amazing is coming for the first time in my life, and that I deserve it!

Jessica Lewis

Madisonville, LA

Things are just falling into place. Opportunities are just lining up in front of me. Life is more fulfilling & my outlook is so much more positive as the opportunities present themselves & the time to take advantage of them just seems to be available. Before participating in Mandy’s program, when opportunities arrived, I struggled to find time. The program shifted everything for me. It has made a huge difference in my life & my dreams are now coming true. Thank you Mandy!

Time is no longer scarce but actually abundant. My dreams are now becoming reality rather than just dreams. Every single lesson has changed me so much. This program has helped me put my life on a positive track which had felt like a dead end road before Mandy’s lessons.

Lorie Reeh

Alliance, Ne

My mental paradigms are changing. I am learning to feel and RECEIVE love from myself (what a gift). I am able to ground and meditate quicker, deeper, and pretty much anywhere and feel whole and loved in that moment—a gift every person needs.

I am overcoming the negative thoughts and feelings about myself and others, which allows me to act from a place of love and not fear. I am better able to recognize and sift out muddy thoughts and feelings to allow clearer and purer thoughts, motives, and intentions in my words, habits, and actions. I am rewriting subconscious stories that limited me before into new ones that open up endless possibilities, which has shifted my thoughts into finding solutions rather than obstacles (this has been a HUGE shift). I have less WHAT IF and I CAN’T thoughts and more HOW CAN I GET there thoughts and I AM IN THE PROCESS OF thoughts and I CAN DO/HAVE/BE thoughts. I am still going through some difficult times, but I am looking for lessons and opportunities in them instead of taking the downward spiral. Mandy’s program came at the time and place in my life.

Tanya Christo

Charlotte, NC

The results have been eye opening and wonderful that I now understand my belief system was not who I thought I was and I learned to love my life, my husband and family. My relationship with my husband has made a full 360 and he noticed I was at peace, my coworkers noticed I was happier and more positive.

My life is full of expectancy and abundance I am feeling genuinely grateful and blessed because I have learned how to check in with myself and not let my emotions run away with themselves and create a reality that will take me away from what I truly want in my life. The difference is that I see people differently and from a place of love, understanding and compassion. I feel like I am now a beacon of peace for myself and family. I work with middle school kids and they are confused I’m so many ways and now I have noticed I am more patient and not as quick to judgement. I have thus far helped two children and their families get the help they need and that is priceless. I Love what I do more than ever.

Margarita Melgar

Inglewood, California

After going through Mandy's program, I feel good nearly every day and I have felt myself open up to people in a way that I had never dared before. Friends and strangers are opening up to me and telling me all about themselves. I feel more connected to myself, my wants and other people. In a nutshell, I am having more fun!

One of the biggest breakthroughs is that I dug through and found triggers from my childhood that had me thinking in a flawed way about myself. I am still working on changing these tapes, but I can feel things shifting.

Camia Charniga

Sarasota, Florida

I know don't react to the drama and the theatrics that my family throws at me. I am still working on how I feel about it but I don't participate anymore.

How to stay grounded. Not to react as if everything is going to come crashing down if something doesn’t go the way I think it should or someone doesn’t respond the way I want them to.

Cheri Feather

Laguna Beach

While I am still working thru much of Mandys lessons internally and focusing on myself I have recognized what are NOT my truths, focused on raising my basement AND listening to my intuition versus my brain that will always try to fix things when walking away may be the better more authentic answer.

Ceiling and basement. Realizing how much POWER my subconscious reel has had over me. Re-learning ME.

JoAnn Cassidy

Saratoga Springs, NY

I am feeling alive and incredible!! My energy is up, I am sleeping better, I am out of that deep, dark hole, my thoughts are more focused and positive and life looks wonderful again. I am excited to start the day and am more fun to be around! I started a weight loss program and it is going great. Life is worth living again.

Redirecting my thoughts to get what will truly make me happy, to change that gray matter in our heads. How important meditating, journaling and grounding is to my well being. That being authentic with myself and others in a loving way is much more beneficial to all involved.

Cathy Bairhalter


"I was able to reach some very old programming inside of me. Religious programming that I thought I would never succeed in removing - I am 61 and have struggled with religious programming for over 30 years! I had removed a lot, but not the most important part. With Mandy's lessons it was like I was able to remove the root, a deep root that I didn't even know still existed.

This enabled me to feel my own worth in a way I never had before. I had voiced that I believed in my own worth, but I hadn’t really felt it. I believe I never had the frequency for my own authenticity. So now I feel I have finally reached my own truth, my own authenticity. I feel at peace and am very content to have released a deep-seated fear that was hindering me in reaching my authenticity.

Hannah Thomsen


I have learned to love again. To have compassion for those I serve. I am now journaling and praying for families. I have a completely different attitude towards those in need. I never hated my day job in fact people have told me I give 110% to every client every time but my works were poorly motivated. Now I give to families out of love and pray for them once they are out of my care.

Ceiling and basement as well as affirmations. How to use my positive energy to attract goodness. My youngest daughter deals with depression and she isn’t as giving as she should be. I let her get away with so many things because I didn’t want to deal with her. Once I expected more from her she reached out for help. When we talk I use love to let her know I am there for her but still expect her to respect our household.

Toni Ronquillo

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