I know don't react to the drama and the theatrics that my family throws at me. I am still working on how I feel about it but I don't participate anymore.

How to stay grounded. Not to react as if everything is going to come crashing down if something doesn’t go the way I think it should or someone doesn’t respond the way I want them to.

Cheri Feather

Laguna Beach

I have been able to love and know myself on such a deeper level and am so profoundly grateful for that.

Now, I’m MUCH more conscious of my old patterns and stories. I’m much more conscious of how I’m feeling and thinking. I also am finally really understanding what it is to be a vibrational match for something. I had manifested before, and I had also read about and watched videos on vibration, but the way Mandy explained it in the program made it so easy to understand and apply to my life. Now, if something doesn’t feel right, I don’t just accept it. I shift it ASAP, and I catch when my thoughts are detouring in the wrong direction a lot faster.

Alexis Irwin


There's already more flow and fluidity in my daily life. I'm far more aware of resonating in the frequency of love and better able to gay back to that place when I get off track.

Being able to shift myself from a lower frequency to a higher one by focusing on love.

Maire Brandon


I really AM loved! Two years ago, a senior student of mine told me, "Love is a choice."

That stunned me into new behavior. Mandy’s message reminds me that love is about giving AND receiving–I can CHOOSE to BE loved! WHAT?! Now I’m smiling more, telling my family members I love them more often;

Christie Fleetwood


Her course, for me, just rang true. It was detailed enough that I could understand and identify with not only the ideas of vibration, but practical application.

Other courses were too vague or esoteric. I’m more of a visual person and learn better with concrete examples which are similar to my own experience. There were a lot of similarities. I’m an extrovert and while it took me a while to join the group conversation, it helped to read others experiences and identify with them.

Cynthia Spurr

Austin, TX

She is not afraid to broad a complete picture, to connect the dots between manifestation, quantum physics, entrepreneurship / business, health and emotional intelligence.

Yeah sure it might mean talking about woo-woo stuff sometimes but actually it lead me to greater awareness and acceptance of the parts of me that I find weird, inexplicable or not yet understood.

Kareen Pierre

Gatineau, Quebec

So, Mandy's language speaks directly to my soul. Her adorable being - her Presence - makes the biggest difference <3

For me its her Presence. I’ve been learning from a number of Law-of-Attraction masters, each one of them has their own way, which may or may not speak to your soul, specifically (its like languages and people: people understand more when you speak in the language they understand).

Annette Rise

Miami, FL

Mandy has a GIFT of lifting others up and helping others feel loved!

From my very first encounter with her work through her Webinar, I felt this incredible hope and motivation from breaking through my “stuck-ness”. Mandy has helped me up-level my life and I have felt…truly vibration and frequency rise. She is LOVE. Abs she has helped me and others that we/they are love, too.

Liv Johnson

Santa Cruz, CA

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