The relationship with my husband shifted and changed. I gave myself the right to be myself, I put the fears aside. I am much more grounded, happy, confident and aware.

Biggest breakthroughs are all of them, especially Living consciously and Raising my vibration.

Anita Mileva

Kavadarci, North Macedonia

I remember being on the phone with an insurance adjuster and wanting a mistake on the repairs to a flooded basement to be corrected so that I could get new carpet out of the situation. This was in the first two weeks of the program. I imagined the feeling I would have if they agreed to it. Then within the same day, I got my desire to come true.

The big thing I am attracting is the love of a perfect companion for me. In this process, I am no longer desiring habits that have kept me stuck in my previous holding pattern. I notice the little things now moving in my life that I can either stay and be unhappy or change and step into a new situation. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, yet my behaviors in the past have said otherwise. Through this program I am experiencing the freedom of changing my thoughts and actions to something new. Thank you.

Eli Soto

Fort Collins , Colorado

I can say I'm really starting to live consciously now and I'm able to raise my vibration to flow with the day to day dramas so much better than I was before. Which had always led to anxiety, depression and helplessness.

Now I know I’m in the driving seat of my own life and I have practical tools available to me to ensure that I keep driving and don’t get overwhelmed and give up like I used to.

Carla Goedeke


"I was able to reach some very old programming inside of me. Religious programming that I thought I would never succeed in removing - I am 61 and have struggled with religious programming for over 30 years! I had removed a lot, but not the most important part. With Mandy's lessons it was like I was able to remove the root, a deep root that I didn't even know still existed.

This enabled me to feel my own worth in a way I never had before. I had voiced that I believed in my own worth, but I hadn’t really felt it. I believe I never had the frequency for my own authenticity. So now I feel I have finally reached my own truth, my own authenticity. I feel at peace and am very content to have released a deep-seated fear that was hindering me in reaching my authenticity.

Hannah Thomsen


I have learned to love again. To have compassion for those I serve. I am now journaling and praying for families. I have a completely different attitude towards those in need. I never hated my day job in fact people have told me I give 110% to every client every time but my works were poorly motivated. Now I give to families out of love and pray for them once they are out of my care.

Ceiling and basement as well as affirmations. How to use my positive energy to attract goodness. My youngest daughter deals with depression and she isn’t as giving as she should be. I let her get away with so many things because I didn’t want to deal with her. Once I expected more from her she reached out for help. When we talk I use love to let her know I am there for her but still expect her to respect our household.

Toni Ronquillo


I feel more positive and have a clear view of what I want to manifest in my life. I am definitely happier, and know that I am on the right path. Things seem clearer, I'm not living by my mother's rules any more, and I know that what she believed in, isn't what I believe in and that's ok.

The biggest learning for me was that I was living by my mothers beliefs and what she had instilled in me from a young age. Because of this I would feel guilty and ashamed of myself when I didn’t live up to those beliefs. I know now that I don’t have to live by her beliefs because I have my own, which makes me feel I am living a more authentic life.

Wendy Born


WHY? has been HUGE in understanding myself. Avoiding the downward spirals of the many triggers and subconscious reel is paramount to my daily happiness. True AUTHENTIC happiness.

It is still amazing when I manifest the people and opportunities needed to help start my business. I knew I was unsatisfied and unhappy but I thought I hid it well. I thought I could put on a good show, but now I realize everything out of my mouth had a negative connotation. Most importantly, I was able to forgive myself for my past mistakes and to start loving myself, and better loving those around me. I will BE forever grateful for that.

Michelle Cook


I have been able to love and know myself on such a deeper level and am so profoundly grateful for that.

Now, I’m MUCH more conscious of my old patterns and stories. I’m much more conscious of how I’m feeling and thinking. I also am finally really understanding what it is to be a vibrational match for something. I had manifested before, and I had also read about and watched videos on vibration, but the way Mandy explained it in the program made it so easy to understand and apply to my life. Now, if something doesn’t feel right, I don’t just accept it. I shift it ASAP, and I catch when my thoughts are detouring in the wrong direction a lot faster.

Alexis Irwin


I manifested 1,000.00 in 2 weeks, I am able to shift through when people start with their stories and programming see it for what it is and not be as affected by it.

I used to get pretty upset as a reaction to others opinions and views. I would handle it by just getting away from them and in some cases that is still true. But when it comes to the negativity of family you have to do things differently I’m not casting my family out of my life. I have found a way to see it for what it is a distraction from what I truly desire.

Laurie Juszkiewicz


Mandy has opened my eyes to the beginning of learning to love myself, encourage myself, and manifest what is true in my heart as inspired by a greater, divine, plan.

I have learned that setting boundaries is healthy, and liberating. I can ride the waves of this beautiful life, loving every emotion I feel, with gratitude and lightness. In all of this, I have learned to be more thoughtful, more solid, and move loving, for my children, my friends, my community. Thank you Mandy

Rebecca Stirling

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