I know don't react to the drama and the theatrics that my family throws at me. I am still working on how I feel about it but I don't participate anymore.

How to stay grounded. Not to react as if everything is going to come crashing down if something doesn’t go the way I think it should or someone doesn’t respond the way I want them to.

Cheri Feather

Laguna Beach

I am feeling alive and incredible!! My energy is up, I am sleeping better, I am out of that deep, dark hole, my thoughts are more focused and positive and life looks wonderful again. I am excited to start the day and am more fun to be around! I started a weight loss program and it is going great. Life is worth living again.

Redirecting my thoughts to get what will truly make me happy, to change that gray matter in our heads. How important meditating, journaling and grounding is to my well being. That being authentic with myself and others in a loving way is much more beneficial to all involved.

Cathy Bairhalter


I am happy. My children are happy and my husband is always in a fantastic mood all because I have changed for the better due to Mandy's program. We are financially stable and still growing.

My biggest breakthrough happened when Mandy talked about journaling. I started journaling to help release some of the negativity bottled up inside and boy did I have more in there than I thought lol

Rebecca Pfeiffer


Since going through Mandy’s program I now have a peace, a knowing, and a positive expectation that all I desire is on its way.

Before Mandy’s program, business was slow and I was struggling, but now the money is flowing. This month alone I’m set to make close to $18,000, which is $2,000 away from my goal!

Nicole Emerson


I really AM loved! Two years ago, a senior student of mine told me, "Love is a choice."

That stunned me into new behavior. Mandy’s message reminds me that love is about giving AND receiving–I can CHOOSE to BE loved! WHAT?! Now I’m smiling more, telling my family members I love them more often;

Christie Fleetwood


I can not thank Mandy or recommend this program enough. I identified issues that I did not even realize were what was holding me back.

I just finished the program but I have been living my life at as high of a vibration as I can get every day. This has catapulted in me moving towards me taking steps toward starting a botanical business that I really want to do but was really scared I would fail and get into more debt (guilt). I now have a vision board that has all the emotions I want to feel such as freedom, unlimited time, abundance, shine, creativity, happiness. This connection between feeling the emotion towards what you want has been a game changer for me. I am so much more aware of myself now and having good day after good day.

Sarah Coffman


Her course, for me, just rang true. It was detailed enough that I could understand and identify with not only the ideas of vibration, but practical application.

Other courses were too vague or esoteric. I’m more of a visual person and learn better with concrete examples which are similar to my own experience. There were a lot of similarities. I’m an extrovert and while it took me a while to join the group conversation, it helped to read others experiences and identify with them.

Cynthia Spurr

Austin, TX

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