I have been able to change my thought patterns and make better choices. I recently went out with someone who decided I was not the right fit. Instead of finding pain and feeling rejected and triggered I was able to let go gracefully and move on.

I also was able to realize how unhealthy this person is and how fortunate I was that he didn’t choose me. When my brain starts to go to old thought patterns of not being good enough a voice comes up and says “that isn’t true”. I no longer believe those negative thoughts or belief systems and I truly believe something amazing is coming for the first time in my life, and that I deserve it!

Jessica Lewis

Madisonville, LA

Things are just falling into place. Opportunities are just lining up in front of me. Life is more fulfilling & my outlook is so much more positive as the opportunities present themselves & the time to take advantage of them just seems to be available. Before participating in Mandy’s program, when opportunities arrived, I struggled to find time. The program shifted everything for me. It has made a huge difference in my life & my dreams are now coming true. Thank you Mandy!

Time is no longer scarce but actually abundant. My dreams are now becoming reality rather than just dreams. Every single lesson has changed me so much. This program has helped me put my life on a positive track which had felt like a dead end road before Mandy’s lessons.

Lorie Reeh

Alliance, Ne

Mandy’s program showed me clearly my habitual thoughts and patterns that I hadn’t been aware of before. Now I am much more aware of my thinking. My old buttons no longer seem to be there to be pushed.

I know exactly what I want to do. I am so much less bothered by what everyone else thinks about it.

Charlie Gonzalez

Basel, Switzerland

What about me that isn't me is a concept that has been hard for my kids to grasp, they think they are just who they are...this has been insightful and a lesson we will be revisiting often until we really grasp this concept

I’ve signed up for an improv class and have been going weekly. Before, I think my subconscious reel would have kept me from trying. My daughter has had the best basketball games of her life: breaking 2 school records this week.

Jamy Sullivan


Im doing great with thinking of my dream every night before bed

The meditation, Im behind on the lessons but Im going back.

Barbara Allen


I have just finished the course and although I have not started anything new, I feel that I can see the future is going to be better.

The course really makes you think. I actually would listen to the video clips several times, not just the day it came out. I have the tools now and can see whats holding me back. Now I just need to implement them. My favorite quote from Mandy – Nothing changes if Nothing changesI feel it relates to everything!

April Miller


My attitude has shifted 100%.... I am way more optimistic and believe that I am deserving of good things in my life. I have started putting pieces in place to put out a book, and I am way more open and aware of possibilities in my life.

One of the most important things I learned is how many limiting beliefs I have and how I’ve let old stories about myself interfere with my present. I am continuing to work on putting the past where it belongs. I’ve been able to speak to my parents about how their belief systems have affected me as well

Laura Ellick


I cannot explain how much it had lightened my heart and soul

I have only been about 18 days into my program because I am taking it slower and really looking myself and getting to my WHY. Why do I feel less than, not worthy. It has taken me to some dark places but, I cannot explain how much it had lightened my heart and soul. I have stopped worrying about my husband leaving me for someone better because I am awesome. I have started to train for a career I have always wanted I will have my certification in March!!!! This is after 18 years of wanting to do this and not thinking I could. I can and I have.

Amy Leslie


I am feeling lighter and more confident that I’m going in the right direction to create the best life for myself and child.

The ‘5 Why’s’ has been extremely helpful for me to unpack what I’m actually thinking and feeling so I can write it down, have a visual of what’s blocking me.

Jessica Gilchrist


I am realizing daily that all throughout mandy's program, she plants these seeds of wisdom that take root and need watering, but if you go back and listen again, or really give it a chance to sink in and "water" the seed, life will change.

Life has begun to really change for the better. fortunately, my 10 year old daughter is with me when i hear these wise words and her life and the understanding of how she can change it for the better, is really starting to take root as well. this makes the process all that much more exciting! I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.


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