I just started three months ago and already I am so much more open. My level of feeling love and safe in the world has sky rocketed. My attention to the good and the pouring in of blessings is amazing. I am going to redo the program again and maybe again. Each time the lessons go deeper and shift even more inside which reflects on the outside.

1. I am safe. The world and the day may bring unwanted obstacles but I am safe and can be in a high vibration throughout those. 2. Love. Love. Love. Self love is the essential base to being a great everything else that life asks 3. I trust the Universe. I believe now…truly believe… the universe has our back. Abundance is available for all.

Karen Vos

St Jacobs, Ontario, Canada

Positive outlook on life...things are changing for the better slowly but it's my own learnings. Working with the tools and song change.

Why I made the choices I have made thru my life. Finding myself. Realizing that I make my universe what it is.

Tracy Parks


She is not afraid to broad a complete picture, to connect the dots between manifestation, quantum physics, entrepreneurship / business, health and emotional intelligence.

Yeah sure it might mean talking about woo-woo stuff sometimes but actually it lead me to greater awareness and acceptance of the parts of me that I find weird, inexplicable or not yet understood.

Kareen Pierre

Gatineau, Quebec

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