Positive outlook on life...things are changing for the better slowly but it's my own learnings. Working with the tools and song change.

Why I made the choices I have made thru my life. Finding myself. Realizing that I make my universe what it is.

Tracy Parks


One of the biggest things I receive is that I was able to re-active my manifesting abilities.

Your program was truly the guidance and step by step structure I needed to do so. Since taking the program I have manifested some really cool and exciting opportunities as well as money seems to be flowing in once again easily and gracefully. I had been so stuck previously.

Carolyn Michelman


She combines the Scientific and the energetic.

Mandys course was so different then other courses or books I’ve read. She really helped put pieces in the puzzle that I was missing. I was focusing on the ‘thing’ and what steps I had to take. Now I focus on how I’m feeling and do I feel good? I have to let go of HOW the thing comes and just enjoy the unfolding of it.

Rachael Weaver

Denver, CO

Mandy is so open (she loves me :) and speaks with honesty and care.

I felt that I did want to reflect her vibration level and her passion for manifesting and achieving our best possible life. Her unrehearsed style is refreshing and inviting.

Carol Sutherland

Scituate, MA

Mandy works for me because I feel connected to her.

I know that her beliefs/energy/parenting style/morals are all in alignment with mine. This makes it easy for me to rely on her and her advice.

Roxanne Street

Paxton, IL

She's not overly fluffy and gives practical actions anyone can take.

She’s so well-spoken and clear. Her videos and lessons get to the point.

Maggie McCracken

Buffalo, NY

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