I FEEL completely different, I can now see my own self worth, I am worthy just as I am, I now know that I have the power to manage my emotions and environment, rather than them controlling me.

I understand that I cannot control events or people, but I CAN manage my reaction to them, and I now know that my well-being is important, i don’t have to sacrifice my mental or physical health trying to please others. I have a much greater understanding of my own mind, why I react in certain ways and I have the tools to change the ones that don’t serve me. I am far more proactive, I have created positive routines for morning and night to make sure I face each day with hope and joy and each night with peace and calm, and it works, it really works!! I still have the same job, the same challenges, but the way I handle them, the results I achieve are vastly different

Louise Edmondson

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