The results have been eye opening and wonderful that I now understand my belief system was not who I thought I was and I learned to love my life, my husband and family. My relationship with my husband has made a full 360 and he noticed I was at peace, my coworkers noticed I was happier and more positive.

My life is full of expectancy and abundance I am feeling genuinely grateful and blessed because I have learned how to check in with myself and not let my emotions run away with themselves and create a reality that will take me away from what I truly want in my life. The difference is that I see people differently and from a place of love, understanding and compassion. I feel like I am now a beacon of peace for myself and family. I work with middle school kids and they are confused I’m so many ways and now I have noticed I am more patient and not as quick to judgement. I have thus far helped two children and their families get the help they need and that is priceless. I Love what I do more than ever.

Margarita Melgar

Inglewood, California

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