I just started three months ago and already I am so much more open. My level of feeling love and safe in the world has sky rocketed. My attention to the good and the pouring in of blessings is amazing. I am going to redo the program again and maybe again. Each time the lessons go deeper and shift even more inside which reflects on the outside.

1. I am safe. The world and the day may bring unwanted obstacles but I am safe and can be in a high vibration throughout those. 2. Love. Love. Love. Self love is the essential base to being a great everything else that life asks 3. I trust the Universe. I believe now…truly believe… the universe has our back. Abundance is available for all.

Karen Vos

St Jacobs, Ontario, Canada

My mental paradigms are changing. I am learning to feel and RECEIVE love from myself (what a gift). I am able to ground and meditate quicker, deeper, and pretty much anywhere and feel whole and loved in that moment—a gift every person needs.

I am overcoming the negative thoughts and feelings about myself and others, which allows me to act from a place of love and not fear. I am better able to recognize and sift out muddy thoughts and feelings to allow clearer and purer thoughts, motives, and intentions in my words, habits, and actions. I am rewriting subconscious stories that limited me before into new ones that open up endless possibilities, which has shifted my thoughts into finding solutions rather than obstacles (this has been a HUGE shift). I have less WHAT IF and I CAN’T thoughts and more HOW CAN I GET there thoughts and I AM IN THE PROCESS OF thoughts and I CAN DO/HAVE/BE thoughts. I am still going through some difficult times, but I am looking for lessons and opportunities in them instead of taking the downward spiral. Mandy’s program came at the time and place in my life.

Tanya Christo

Charlotte, NC

The results have been eye opening and wonderful that I now understand my belief system was not who I thought I was and I learned to love my life, my husband and family. My relationship with my husband has made a full 360 and he noticed I was at peace, my coworkers noticed I was happier and more positive.

My life is full of expectancy and abundance I am feeling genuinely grateful and blessed because I have learned how to check in with myself and not let my emotions run away with themselves and create a reality that will take me away from what I truly want in my life. The difference is that I see people differently and from a place of love, understanding and compassion. I feel like I am now a beacon of peace for myself and family. I work with middle school kids and they are confused I’m so many ways and now I have noticed I am more patient and not as quick to judgement. I have thus far helped two children and their families get the help they need and that is priceless. I Love what I do more than ever.

Margarita Melgar

Inglewood, California

After going through Mandy's program, I feel good nearly every day and I have felt myself open up to people in a way that I had never dared before. Friends and strangers are opening up to me and telling me all about themselves. I feel more connected to myself, my wants and other people. In a nutshell, I am having more fun!

One of the biggest breakthroughs is that I dug through and found triggers from my childhood that had me thinking in a flawed way about myself. I am still working on changing these tapes, but I can feel things shifting.

Camia Charniga

Sarasota, Florida

While I am still working thru much of Mandys lessons internally and focusing on myself I have recognized what are NOT my truths, focused on raising my basement AND listening to my intuition versus my brain that will always try to fix things when walking away may be the better more authentic answer.

Ceiling and basement. Realizing how much POWER my subconscious reel has had over me. Re-learning ME.

JoAnn Cassidy

Saratoga Springs, NY

I can see more clearly how my negative self talk limited my achieving goals. Feel more confident to take risks and break through glass ceiling.

My favorite lessons were emotions and certainty. Actions and emotions are a choice and under my control. It is my responsibility to dissect negative self talk and limitations. It is also refreshing to know that I have a choice on how I react and can come from a different level of awareness that works in my favor.

Tammy Monroe


My being is different. I’d say I’m looking at the world from a positive vantage, thinking that my energy going out will come back. Knowing I can control my environment.

Attaching emotions to goals. I can visualize and put myself in a content and happier place.

Becky Reinhold


I just finished the program and feel much more in control of my life!

I now understand why I wasn’t getting what I desired. I’m so very grateful, after 60 years on this planet than Mandy has helped me to dig deep, find out who I really am and let go of all the things holding me back. I feel more at peace, feel a tremendous amount of hope and more love for myself than I thought imaginable.

Lori Berey


My anxiety only comes up when I really push myself outside my comfort zone, though now I can handle it much better.

I know that I am and always was enough. I am slowly getting off all 10 of my prescriptions, I am down to three and I am scheduled to set my dr next week to start getting off another. I am down to 2 drs. My pain days have gone from everyday to maybe a bottle a month. My anxiety only comes up when I really push myself outside my comfort zone, though now I can handle it much better. This is a place the dozens of drs I was seeing couldn’t help me get to!

Becky Mullen


I have so much more love and appreciation of myself. I finally trust myself again.

That time is what we perceive it to be. That a feeling really only lasts about 90 seconds, if it is there after that we chose to keep it. Grounding and checking in throughout the day. Being present in the moment. And so much more.

Amy LeBlanc

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