I now believe that I deserve to manifest the authentic life I only dreamed of having.. After participating in several of Many's programs, I am actively seeking a buyer for my business of 24 years, closing or selling my business by the end of the year, and planning to paint and coach fulltime, after I complete Mandy's coaching program. I have learned to trust my intuition, and follow where it leads me.

I am happy, healthy and contented knowing that nothing stands in the way of my growth and progress. What changed is my belief system, which is now the positive motivating force behind my choices. Now I create from my intuitive clues, and act as quickly as I can to manifest progress towards my future…choosing to spend my time with the people who contribute most supportively to my future plan, and taking actions that fully support my plan. I live in full commitment to my creative life plan.

Margot Wilson

Sonoma, California

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