My mental paradigms are changing. I am learning to feel and RECEIVE love from myself (what a gift). I am able to ground and meditate quicker, deeper, and pretty much anywhere and feel whole and loved in that moment—a gift every person needs.

I am overcoming the negative thoughts and feelings about myself and others, which allows me to act from a place of love and not fear. I am better able to recognize and sift out muddy thoughts and feelings to allow clearer and purer thoughts, motives, and intentions in my words, habits, and actions. I am rewriting subconscious stories that limited me before into new ones that open up endless possibilities, which has shifted my thoughts into finding solutions rather than obstacles (this has been a HUGE shift). I have less WHAT IF and I CAN’T thoughts and more HOW CAN I GET there thoughts and I AM IN THE PROCESS OF thoughts and I CAN DO/HAVE/BE thoughts. I am still going through some difficult times, but I am looking for lessons and opportunities in them instead of taking the downward spiral. Mandy’s program came at the time and place in my life.

Tanya Christo

Charlotte, NC

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